Specialising in products for the power industry

Since the sixties, SAB Elteknik have been developing and manufacturing materials, tools and accessories for the power industry. Over the years, we have gained increasing knowledge and are now considered to be the consummate professionals regarding products for electricians.

Our partners help us to provide a strong product portfolio, characterised by the highest quality. That is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy. Another of our central tenets is our commitment to developing and refining the core products, making them better and more useful.

Smarter products that make your job easier
We like to say that our smart products make your job easier. And that is no exaggeration. Because our starting point is one simple and essential requirement: everything in the SAB Elteknik product range is there to provide added value and make the processes easier for you, our customer. Furthermore, all products in our range must maintain top quality. Our quality products enable expensive stoppages to be avoided, ensuring that your projects are more profitable.

Fibre technology or power lines?

The answer is, both. At SAB Elteknik, we give equal priority to both fibre technology and power lines and you will find accessories, materials, machines, tools, protection and instruments for both fields. We offer the latest technology for fibre blowing. In addition, we also provide training for many of our customers. We teach you how to use the products in the best possible way.

SAB Elteknik – a company in the Addtech group
Since July 2008, SAB Elteknik is part of the Energy & Equipment business area within the public limited Addtech group. Thanks to Addtech, we are able to collaborate with and learn from other technology companies facing the same challenges as SAB Elteknik.

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