Foam sealant Spray Polywater AFT

Polywater AFT™ is a sealant for cable entries that is simple to apply, fast-setting and durable.

AFT™ expands and sets in a few minutes. It creates a rigid, air-tight and water-tight seal. AFT™ is compatible with commonly occurring cable sheathing and binds to a number of different materials such as ducts and concrete.

AFT™ withstands a water column of 3.5m inside PVC pipe. It withstands cold temperatures and can be removed if the cable needs to be replaced.

Each container is supplied with 2 nozzles so that all content can be utilised on different occasions. More nozzles (10-pack) can be purchased separately, see table below.

AFT™ is a two-component foam sealant that is perfectly mixed inside the spray can. Thanks to the closed cell technology, the foam retains its properties over time and there is almost no degassing in connection with application.

AFT Riser Pole Seal - aerial view 7-20-19

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